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Which champion is Cassiopeia's sibling?
Who has the innate ability 'Reign of Anger'?
Who is 'The Will of the Blades'?
What is the nickname of Rumble's mech?
Which champion has the 'molten' skin?
Who is the Black Rose?
Who was the first champion from Lokfar?
Who was the second champion from Lokfar?
'Final Sparkle' is the translated ultimate of which champion?
What is the name of Ashe's sister, the Winter's Claw?
What is the surname of Katarina?
How many percent off was Urgot selling manattee skins for?
Which company designed Urfrider Corki and Piltover Blitzcrank?
What is the name of Maokai's innate passive?
Who was the assistant of Dr. Warwick before the curse?
Who was the first champion released during Season One?
Which champion has skins resembling characters from the film The Lost Boys?
Which champion originally had the title 'Cask Master'?
Which champion's name means 'God' in Cambodian?
'Paranoia' is Nocturne's ultimate and an old passive of which champion?

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