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Who is the vocalists full name? (First name, middle name. surname!)
What year was the band formed?
Who is the original drummer of the band?
What was the first album?
At what age was Gerard Way held at gunpoint?
What are the four Killjoys? (Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray)
Which of the band members is a vegetarian?
Who is the lead guitarist?
What colour was Gerard Way's hair for Danger Days album?
Clues!Answer!What I think!
How many studio albums do the band have? (Music CD's only)
What is the first track of their second studio album?
What band member has a scorpion tattoo?
What is Mikey Way's wife's name?
What is Gerard's favourite book?
What is Mikey Way's favourite food?
Is Ray's hair: A) straight B) Curly C) Afro! (answer with letter)
Who is the only member of the band who doesn't smoke?

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