Les Misérables Characters

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Can you name the Les Misérables characters by their descriptions?

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'He was a high liver, thirty years old, and in poor shape. He was wrinkled, his teeth falling out, and he was beginning to show signs of baldness...'
'His name was ______, and he was one of the police. At Montreuil-sur-mer he carried out the unpleasant but useful function of inspector.'
'It seemed very odd, but the sound of the bell followed the man's every movement.'
'______ was a creature of good humor and bad company, brave, a spendthrift, prodigal almost to the point of generosity, talkative almost to eloquence...'
'______ had that indescribable rigidity of gesture that, with a curse, reminds you of the barracks and, with a sign of the cross, the seminary. He was a fine talker.'
'_______ was now a handsome young man, of medium height, with heavy jet black hair, a high intelligent brow, wide and passionate nostrils, a frank and calm expression...'
'He was thick-set of medium height, stout and hardy, in his full maturity; he might have been forty-six or -seven. A slouched leather cap hid his face, burnt by the sun and wind..'
'______ was a young hypochondriac. What he had learned from medicine was to be a patient rather than a physician. At twenty-three, he thought himself in poor health...'
'______ was a fan maker, an orphan, who arduously earned three francs a day, and who had one thought only, to deliver the world from its bonds.'
'A girl who was quite young was standing in the half opened door. It was a pale, puny, meager creature, nothing but a blouse and a shirt covered her shivering, chilled nudity.'
'Among all these passionate hearts, and all these un-doubting minds, there was one skeptic. ______ was a man who took great care not to believe in anything.'
'______ did have that youthful animation that we might call a diabolic beauty of mind.'
'______ was addicted to love; he cultivated a pot of flowers, played the flute, wrote poetry, loved the people, pitied women, wept over childhood...'
'______, named first-later we will see why-was an only son and was rich. He was a charming young man capable of being terrible.'
'The woman who he now saw was a noble, beautiful creature....Beautiful chestnut hair shaded with veins of gold, a brow that seemed marble..'
'.....there could be seen a little boy of eleven or twelve, who would have quite accurately realized the ideal of the gamin previously sketched...'
'______ was a cheery fellow who was unlucky. His specialty was to succeed at nothing. On the other hand, he laughed at everything.'
'______ was beautiful and remained pure as long as she could. She was a pretty blonde with fine teeth. For dowry, she had gold and pearls; but the gold was on her head...'
'Beside Enjolras who represented the logic of the Revolution, ______ represented its philosophy, there is this difference-that its logic could conclude in war...'
'This ________ was a red-headed, large but angular woman, the soldier's wife type in all its horror, with, strangely enough, a languid air gained from novel reading.'

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