Opening Lyrics By Women 2000 - 2010

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Can you name the titles of the 2000-2010 hit songs by female artists by their opening lyrics??

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How about a round of applause (2008)
A few times I've been around that track (2005)
All the girls at the party look at that body (2001)
Please don't come around talkin' bout that you love me (2000)
I'm feelin sexy I wanna hear you say my name boy (2004)
Right now he's probably slow dancing (2007)
I know that we are young and I know you may love me (2010)
Head under water (2008)
Chill out whatcha yelling' for? (2002)
You set my soul at ease (2000)
Every day is so wonderful (2003)
You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset (2009)
I just want you close where you can stay forever (2007)
Here's the thing, we started out friends (2005)
It's getting so lonely inside this bed (2001)
When I come to the club step aside (2006)
Maybe I need some rehab (2010)
Well my heart knows me better than I know myself (2006)
I've been waiting all day for ya babe (2004)
There's only two types of people in the world (2009)
I waited till I saw the sun (2003)
I was waiting for so long, for a miracle to come (2002)

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