President vs. President

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Can you name the instances in which two or more American Presidents faced each other in a national election?

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WINNER: 297 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 240 electoral votes (lost re-election), Republican.
WINNER: 489 electoral votes, Republican. LOSER: 49 electoral votes (lost re-election), Democratic.
WINNER: 303 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 219 electoral votes (future President), Republican.
WINNER: 174 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 8 electoral votes (former President), Know Nothing.
WINNER: 73 electoral votes, Democratic-Republican. LOSER: 65 electoral votes (lost re-election), Federalist.
WINNER: 472 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 59 electoral votes (lost re-election), Republican.
WINNER: 170 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 73 electoral votes (future President), Whig.
WINNER: 234 electoral votes, Whig. LOSER: 60 electoral votes (lost re-election), Democratic.
WINNER: 84 electoral votes, Democratic-Republican. LOSER: 99 electoral votes (future President), Democratic Republican.
WINNER: 163 electoral votes, Whig. LOSER: 0 electoral votes (former President), Free Soil.
WINNER: 233 electoral votes, Republican. LOSER: 168 electoral votes (lost re-election/future President), Democratic.
WINNER: 434 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSERS: 88 electoral votes (former President), Progressive; 8 electoral votes (lost re-election), Repubican.
WINNER: 178 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 83 electoral votes (lost re-election), National Republican.
WINNER: 71 electoral votes, Federalist. LOSER: 68 electoral votes (future President), Democratic-Republican.
WINNER: 370 electoral votes, Democratic. LOSER: 168 electoral votes (lost re-election), Republican.
WINNER: 277 electoral votes (former President), Democratic. LOSER: 145 electoral votes (lost re-election), Republican.

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