Armenia, Azerbaijan, or Georgia?

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Can you name the correct Caucasus nation (Armenia, Azerbaijan, or Georgia) for each question?

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QuestionCountryAdditional Info
Largest country?
Smallest country?
Has most populous capital?
Has least populous capital?
Doesn't border Iran?
Doesn't border Russia?
Smallest border with Turkey?
Contains the highest elevation?
First country to leave the Soviet Union?
QuestionCountryAdditional Info
Governs an Autonomous Republic that shares no border with the rest of the country?
Flag contains no religious symbols?
Largest economy? (nominal GDP)
Most legal emigrants to the US? (in 2009)
Most Olympic Gold Medals? (Since appearing as independent nations)
Produced an Oscar Nominated Film? (Foreign Language)
Largest Jewish population?
First Nation to formally adapt Christianity?
Birthplace of Joseph Stalin?

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