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Who are the Baker's having dinner with?
According to Mike, where is Sam sleeping?
What does the Geek say he's king of?
How much is a grill alone on a Rolls Royce?
What kind of beer is the most popular at the party?
What are the first names of Ted's two friends?
Geek has to get girls underpants or buy his two friends what?
Long Duk pushes lawn-mowing machine so Grandpa's what doesn't act up?
What is the name of the school dance?
According to Sara, who would marry Sam?
Who did the Donger think Jake was when he grabbed his nuts?
What are the Grandma's first names?
What's the first name of Sam's best friend?
How tall is Jake's dad?
How many muscle relaxers does Ginny take?
What sound plays when the Donger is around?
What does Ted think Carolyne's family owns?
How many major laws is Ted breaking?
Name one of the two Beatles' songs Ted sings to Sam in the 'car'
What's better than a UFO?
What's better than an extra terrestrial?
What are the Grandpa's first names?
Name one of the three things Long Duk Dong was last seen wearing?
What would capture the moment so beautifully?

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