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What is the capital of Austrailia?
What is the capital of Alaska?
What ocean is Iceland in?
What continent is New Zealand in?
How many countries are in South America?
What is the capital of Djibouti?
Geographically, what is the biggest country in the world?
What is the capital of Colombia?
What four countries make up the United Kingdom? Please name all countries in alphabetical order.
Which country was just recently created?
In what continent is the country Suriname located in?
Which state is directly under Kentucky?
What state is directly above Oregon?
Name two countries that start with the letter 'Z'?
What are the names of the colored seas? Please list them in alphabetical order.
What is the capital of Wyoming?
What is the capital of Belarus?
What is the name of the smallest country in Africa?
What is the capital of the United Arab Emirates?
What four countries can you do a push up in at the same time that meet at a 90 degree angle? Please list in alphabetical order.

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