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Can you name the big 4 US Sports teams by their letters jumbled up?

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Forced Order
Human Kids AceNHL
Losing Spells A CreepNBA
Dirtiest On TopsNBA
Absorb Safe FluNHL
Lets Rim A EarnestMLB
A Hellish Hippie Pill AdMLB
Gold MacaroniNBA
Licensed In VandalMLB
Chokes Onto RustNBA
Dispose A GardenMLB
Jerk Yet DownNFL
A Lost Female ProntoNHL
Gun Vents GreedNBA
Lift Radar PhonesNHL
By A Pasta ArmyMLB
A Lateness Sworn InNFL
Contains A Solid LipNFL
Itchy Noose ExpoNHL
A Nightdress Know SinNFL
Oh Basic GraceNFL

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