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A man tries to save his failing gym by entering a sporting competition
A kid becomes a superhero and starts fighting criminals with the aid of a cop and his daughter
A group of friends go to Las Vegas on a bachelor party where they get drugged and lose the groom
A superhero arises in Gotham City to combat a terrorist known only as the Joker (Released 2008)
A comedy film about a shopping mall security guard who tries to catch a flasher
A group of friends start their own college after they get rejected from all of the other colleges to which they applied
A pairs skating team is formed when the two men get banned from single skating, too bad they hate each other
A british comedy about 4 lads who go on holiday to Malia
An eastern immigrant finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take up temporary residence there
A clinically depressed teenager admits himself into a psychiatric ward

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