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'Tyler is otherwise occupied, making big decisions about honesty and what not.'
'When it`s real, you can`t walk away.'
'So it`s true, I`m shallow. I`m worst than shallow, I`m a kiddy pool.'
'I don`t like sportscars they`re too hard to make out in.'
'You just don`t wanna die, do ya?'
'Trust is earned. I can`t just magically hand it over.'
Once you fall in love with someone, I don’t know if – I don’t know if you can ever shake them.'
'It`s just, I don`t want to be alone anymore.'
'I would say drop dead but...'
'Better you die than I.'
'I need some air. I`m still feeling a tad... dead.'
'Don`t say anything. You`re a dick. End of story.'
'This is my fault. I planted doubt. I`m a doubt-planter.'
'You got Tannered. Been there.'
'I`ve been in love. It`s painfull, it`s pointless and overrated'
'Yes, being a 150 year old teenager has been the height of my happiness.'
“Would you prefer me to be broody and tortured?'
'Well... I`m naked. So I`m gonna go.'
'It`s a lie you know. There`s no switch you can turn off. Sure, when you`re a newbie. But after a couple of hundred years you just have to pretend.'
'Am I wearing my `I blew up the Council` t-shirt?'

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