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Film FranchiseActor/Actress
Final Destination, American Pie, Ice Age*
Star Wars, Batman
Batman, Ocean's Eleven
X-Men, James Bond
James Bond, Indiana Jones
Predator, Lethal Weapon,
The Terminator, Children of the Corn
Batman, Kill Bill
James Bond, Harry Potter
Aliens, Ghostbusters
Home Alone, City Slickers
Star Wars, Indiana Jones
Lethal Weapon, Home Alone
Film FranchiseActor/Actress
Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean
Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia*
Rocky, Predator
X-Men, James Bond
Rambo, Rocky
Predator, The Terminator, Batman, Conan the Barbarian
Harry Potter, Die Hard
Wayne's World, Austin Powers, Shrek*
Lord of the Rings, The Matrix
The Godfather, Meet the Parents
X-Men, Lord of the Rings
Mad Max, Lethal Weapon

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