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The most common measure of density used by geologists is what?
How many minerals are found in Earth's crust?
Gypsum is what hardness on the scale?
Corundum is what hardness on the scale?
Minerals that contain silicon and oxygen are known as what?
What is one of the most useful tests for identifying minerals?
What hardness is a fingernail?
What is a mineral known as if it contains a useful substance?
What is the hardest mineral?
Apatite has a hardness of what on the scale?
Topaz is able to scratch what mineral?
What is sometimes referred to as the TRUE color of a mineral?
What is the least reliable identification method for minerals?
What is how a mineral feels to the touch?
Talc is what hardness on the scale?
What mineral has a hardness of 4?
What are compounds of oxygen and a metal?
The streak plate is what hardness?
What is the way that a mineral reflects light from its surface?
What are minerals composed of one or more metallic elements with carbonate compound?
What is a naturally occurring, inorganic solid?
Minerals that break with rough or jagged edges are said to have what?
What mineral has a hardness of 3?
What is one of the main silicates?
What is a solid in which the atoms are arranged in repeating patterns?
What mineral forms limestone?
A mineral that splits relatively easily and evenly along one or more flat planes is said to have what?
What is molten material found beneath Earth's surface?
What scale do you use for hardness?
What has definite shape and volume?

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