Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Harry Potter Version

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Can you name the answers to the questions based on Harry Potter books?

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QuestionAnswerCategory and Monetary Value
 (Potions) 100ʛ
 (Care of Magical Creatures) 200ʛ
 (Charms) 300ʛ
 (Transfiguration) 500ʛ
 (Divination) 1,000ʛ
 (TheDark Arts) 2,000ʛ
 (Muggle Studies) 4,000ʛ
 (Herbology) 8,000ʛ
QuestionAnswerCategory and Monetary Value
 (Astronomy) 16,000ʛ
 (History of Magic) 32,000ʛ
 (Flying) 64,000ʛ
 (Apparition) 125,000ʛ
 (Defense Against the Dark Arts) 250,000ʛ
 (Occlumency and Legilimency) 500,000ʛ
 (MISCELLANEOUS) 1,000,000ʛ
 CONGRATULATIONS! You won 1,000,000ʛ!

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