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Can you name the people of Carew?

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Who hates being called 'Toe'?
Who has the nose of Freddie Mercury?Surname as well
Who plays a womans sport?Surname as well
Who looks like Jay Batley?
Which two people play Star Wars?*Two people ..
Who's work experience involves pigs?
Who's french?
Whos former PS3 name was AWG?
Who fainted during injections?
Who enjoys Pasties?You'll need his nickname
Who has a bit of a milf?1st letter of surname as well
Who is Junior B?
Who is a sheep?
Who is the Cat?Surname as well
Who goes red quite easily?Surname as well
Who is 'BigDave'?
Who came to Carew from Derby?
Who has a comically large head?

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