Pirates of the Caribbean A-Z

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Jack Sparrow's LoveA
Previous Answer's FatherB
Pirate that performed mutiny on JackC
2nd Movie's SubtitleD
Ragetti is missing oneE
Davy Jones' ShipF
Cursed Aztec ____G
Davy Jones Keeps his _____ in a chestH
Creepy island with Aztec GoldI
Monkey's nameJ
Davy Jones' monsterK
Evil Short guy who wants to get rid of all piratesL
Barbossa has oneM
James __________N
Jack Sparrow is thisO
______ of EightP
Blackbeard's shipQ
A Pirate's Favorite DrinkR
They need her tear in the 4thS
Davy Jones' LoveT
Ragetti likes theseU
Barbossa's first name -the HV
Bootstrap Bill Turner's sonW
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on Wii, Playstation, DS and _-___X
The Lego Minifigures aren't ______Y
Blackbeard's Crew Z

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