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Can you name the GB/GBC/GBA games given their subtitles?

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SubtitleMain title
The Interstellar Assault
The Sun is in Your Hand
The Lost Age
The Promised Land
The Four Swords
Runes of Virtue
Menace 2 the Galaxy
The Ruins of Lore
Guardian of the Realms
We'll Never Fight Alone
Season of Ice
Dark Legacy
SubtitleMain title
Return of Samus
Dr. Wily's Revenge
Dark Alliance
Deadly Alliance
Cybeast Gregar
Tilt 'n' Tumble
Aria of Sorrow
Reshef of Destruction
The Knight of Lodis
The Prophecy
Caravan Heart
Maximum Velocity
Battle of the Bionosaurs
Advance Tour
6 Golden Coins

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