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Lavish or spectacular event, display, etc.x×1, z×1
Poem or stanza of fourteen linesq×1, z×1
Brazilian dance in duple timex×2
To talk to oneselfq×1, z×1
Tropical American weevilz×3
(of a person's expression) indicating puzzlement; questioning, mockingq×1, z×2
To restrict to discrete values (e.g. in music or physics)q×1, z×1
Brilliant bird of South and Central America with iridescent green and red plumageq×1, z×1
Energy, vitality, glamour, etc.z×4
Funeral ritesq×1, x×1
Flashy display intended to impress or confusez×4
1018 (one quintillion) cycles per secondx×1, z×1
(US) To photocopyx×2
Either of two periods during the year when the Sun crosses the equator, making day and night of equal lengthq×1, x×1
(Australia, NZ) A quick look, a glanceq×1, z×1
Abundant mineral whose varieties include amethyst, chalcedony and agate (chemical formula: SiO2)q×1, z×1
Period of five yearsq×2
Of the nature of a certain Miguel de Cervantes character: absurdly chivalric or romantic, naïvely idealisticq×1, x×1
Whist-like card game played with a 64-card deckq×1, z×1
Arrangement of five objects with one at each corner of a square and one in the centre, as on a die ⚄q×1, x×1
Supremely beautiful, charming, etc.; consummateq×1, x×1

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