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Joint of the human body; knowledgeable, fashionable; fruit of the rose plant
The buttocks; to be able to; a sealed, usually metal container
Errors, mistakes; ladies' underwear; flowering plants
Type of bed; nonsense; to play truant (with 'off')
A rope used to secure e.g. tents; to tease; a man, a bloke
Only, exclusive; type of fish; underside of the foot
Historical division of Sussex; to plunder or despoil; plant prized for its oil used in cooking and as a lubricant
Member of an historical Germanic people; to fish; a person's viewpoint
To flutter (one's eyelashes); nocturnal flying mammal; wooden club used in ball games
Party or function; a hairstyle; to swindle
Japanese board game; energy, spirit; to move or proceed
Channel of water; noise; healthy
Frenzied state of bull elephants; unfermented grape juice; a necessity
Greek god of nature famed for his pipes; to criticize severely; to swing round, as a camera may do
An average; to intend or signify; base, malicious
Penniless; to raid and arrest; female bosom
Cannabis cigarette; type of jacket; refrigerated transport vehicle
To tell a joke; first-rate, excellent; an attempt; to fracture
Unit of currency; a place where animals (especially dogs) may be confined; to hit forcefully, as with the fists
Fir or pine wood; a quantity of something; to trade drugs, usually illegally
Upright pole; a job; to send via mail
An arrangement of objects in a line; slope of a hill; financial institution
Female swan; prison; writing implement
Spinning toy; to kill (oneself); the highest point
To cultivate (the land); container for money, as in a shop; up to the time of
Money, cash; unhandicapped, as in golf; to mar a surface with something sharp

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