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MeaningPhraseLiteral translation
Pulped paper mixed with paste, etc., used for mouldingChewed paper
Preparation of equipment and ingredients in a kitchen prior to cookingPutting in place
Social group considered disrespectableHalf-world
Unconditional authority or powerBlank paper
Sudden and amazing event (especially love at first sight)Stroke of lightning
Private conversation between two peopleHead to head
Brief unpleasant experienceBad quarter of an hour
Elite fashion houses and fashionHigh sewing
Embarrassing blunder (especially a social one)False step
Expert or conversant (in or with something)To the fact/point
MeaningPhraseLiteral translation
Residence for occasional or temporary useFoot on the ground
A young person, especially female, employed by a foreign family in exchange for room and boardOn an equal footing
An appetizer, usually served before the main mealOutside the work
Street closed at one end; a blind alleyBottom of the bag
A distinguished person in a particular field (said especially of master chefs)Blue ribbon
A quality that is inexpressible or indescribableI know not what
Something or someone disliked or dreaded; a bane or bugbearBlack beast
Clever remark or retort which occurs too late to be of useStaircase wit
Composure; calmness of mindCold blood
Required by etiquette, fashion, etc.Of strictness

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