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Can you name the video games given their infamous translations?

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A winner is youNES, 1987
Congraturation / This story is happy end / Thank youNES, 1986
All your base are belong to us.Mega Drive, 1991
I'm give up your appellation's technical monkey.SNES, 1990
Get me escape!Arcade, 1990
Destroy the Mother Brain the mechanical life veinNES, 1986
You have accomplished the mission. You are the very prevailer that protect right and justice.Arcade, 1986
Let's BLOCKING!Dreamcast, 1999
Welcome... to die!!Arcade, 1992
You spoony bard!SNES, 1991
Conglaturation !!! / You have completed a great game. / And prooved the justice of our culture. / Now go and rest our heroes !NES, 1988
Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness.Neo Geo, 1992
You! Invaders! Get you the hot bullets of shotgun to die!Arcade, 1988
Eastmost penninsula is the secret.NES, 1988
This guy are sick.PlayStation, 1997
But,what about the Shredder and Krang ...!? Burned to toast ? Vaporized to milkshake ?? Or..escaped to dimension X ?NES, 1990
Victoly!!Neo Geo, 1993
I feel asleep!!NES, 1987
The ''miracle'' never happen.Nintendo DS, 2006
You're winner!Windows PC, 2003

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