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Can you name the pairs of words which appear to rhyme, but do not?

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Definition 1Word pairDefinition 2
Positively charged atom or group of atomsFixed allowance of food, etc.
An injury; to injureTied up; to leap; sure, certain
Unit of land measurement equal to 10,000 square metresSouth American arrow poison extracted from e.g. Strychnos toxifera
Bunch of flowersLavish feast
To produce spittle; to droolNot public; confidential
Floor of a fireplaceLack, scarcity
Deep hollow or valleySelf-assurance, equanimity
Spicy edible root of Zingiber officinale(UK slang) Ugly person
One of the horny epidermal growths forming a bird's plumageShort rest from work, etc.
To plunge into water, to extinguishMammal of the genus Mus
Garland of flowersLoss of life
Newly enlisted soldierChannel for conveying fluids
Small dam used to control river flowSomeone who inherits property, a title, etc. upon the death of the owner
(Greek mythology) Odysseus' wifeFlat paper container for a letter, etc.
Tough, hardyPlaying with acoustic instruments
Definition 1Word pairDefinition 2
Male gooseTo travel or move around aimlessly; to ramble
Organic compound formed from amino acidsEarthenware beer mug
Unknown personWrath, ire
WharfTo remove the ovaries of (an animal)
Marshy or swampy groundLow in pitch
Stanza or poem of four linesDecorative structure featuring water jets
Baked dish made from layers of pasta and cheeseSparkling wine from France
Female childGelotologists study it
Smart, intelligentAbnormal rise in body temperature (medical term: pyrexia)
To attack the reputation of, slanderFlowering plant cultivated for its seeds and oil
An illness or disease, especially a chronic oneForm of address for an English noblewoman
Citrus fruitEvil spirit; (Australian slang) a policeman
Long narrow open receptacle storing food and water for animalsDivision of e.g. London or New York City
Pride, arroganceRemnants of something destroyed
Thin Mexican maize flatbread, often filled and folded overSmall fleet of naval vessels

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