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Belonging to or situated around the North Pole; extremely cold
The medieval system of knighthood, embodying the values of courtly love, valour, etc.
Greek town famous for its oracle at the Temple of Apollo
Ancestry or lineage, especially of animals
Bulbous wind instrument with a flute-like quality (popularized by a certain Legend of Zelda game)
Ceramic material made from kaolin (china clay), sometimes used for china in general
Yellow-flowered plant in the daisy family whose flower heads form so-called 'clocks'
Medicinal preparation used to confer immunity to a particular disease
Gambling game in which two dice are rolled, popular in casinos
Type of pasta similar to spaghetti, presented in long, very thin strands
Bodily tissue contracted to produce movement
Greek art form in which the protagonist suffers a calamitous downfall

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