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Origin of nameElementFurther etymology
German for 'demon'
Greek for 'violet'
Greek for 'unstable'
Greek for 'heavy'
Latin for 'limestone'
German: mythological goblin of the mines
Greek for 'light-bringer'
Latin: seventh planet from the Sun
Latin for 'red'
Latin name for Poland
Greek words for 'water' and 'producing'
Old Norse: Norse god of thunder
Greek for 'idle, inactive'
Latin for 'rainbow'
Greek for 'hidden, secret'
Origin of nameElementFurther etymology
Latin for 'cock'
Greek for 'colour'
Old Norse name for the goddess Freyja
Greek for 'stink, stench'
Greek words for 'sharp, acid' and 'producing'
Greek for 'foreign, strange'
Latin name for Copenhagen
Latin for 'flow'
Greek for 'new'
Greek for 'light green'
Greek for 'to lurk, escape notice'
Latin for 'charcoal, coal'
Spanish for 'silver'
Swedish for 'heavy stone'
Greek for 'sun'

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