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Modern meaningWordOld meaning
Fibrous material extracted from treesCrazy, insane
Front of a shipValiant, brave
Female childA child of either sex
Rapidity of movementProsperity, success
Full-bosomedObedient, pliant
Easy, uncomplicatedTo gather medicinal herbs
Shrub growing close to the groundTavern or vintner's shop
Having little weightUnchaste, wanton
To prod or jabA bag
Unwanted pest plantClothing, apparel
Lavatory17th century velvet mask worn by women
(abbreviation) Pen-name used by authors who wish to remain namelessAt once, immediately
Something that is trueA crime or other evil deed
Someone between the ages of 13 and 19 inclusiveAffliction, grief
Modern meaningWordOld meaning
Sudden and strong blast of windFlavour, taste
Very oldA flag, an ensign
An identifying trademark, a 'make'A sword
Short piece of writing on a particular subjectAn attempt
An argument against, a drawbackTo study, to memorize
Small segment of video footageTo hug, to embrace
Leather strap fastened to a bridle for controlling horses, etc.The kidneys
Fast, swiftPregnant
Curved like a sphere or circleTo whisper, to talk privately
To show conclusively and definitivelyTo experience, to suffer
Implement used for skinning potatoes, etc.(British) A police officer
Antlered ruminant mammal whose female is a doeAny wild animal
To castrate or neuter (an animal)Tax paid to the crown in mediaeval England
A head of cornTo plough

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