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Can you name the Animal Crossing fish from the quote when you catch them?

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Wild World quoteFishCity Folk quote
With that jaw, it SHOULD be barred!Did you do something bad?
It's big, but kinda gross.It's about time-a!
Well, well... you've came a long way!TOUCHDOWN!
Why's the little guy so sad?Now that takes some skill!
Amazing! What are you doing down there?Amazing! Who knew these things were still around?
Here, kitty kitty!Who's meowing now?!
Got any nails?Knew I just had to keep hammering away at it!
Don't look directly at it!I'm feeling pretty sunny now!
Carpe diem!I'm looking pretty sharp!
How heavenly!Where's its halo?
I'm in some kind of jam!Now all I need is a peanut-butter fish.
So cute! So painful!Aww... Or should I say 'OW?!'
Don't be coy! (Ugh.)Oh, boy!
Weird... it smells like fish.This is definitely NOT the pits!
Not again!Not you again!
Wild World quoteFishCity Folk quote
He'd better not catch me!Bite the bait, not me!!
Ooh, SNAP!Snappity snap snap!
What's the dilly, fish?Bet you feel silly, fish!
Welcome back!Now we're jammin'!
No gobbling those spines!Gobble gobble OW!
And I'm not talking canned!I only wish I'd caught it soona!
Small, but what a bite!Word uppy!
Nay!? Yay!But it sounds fine to me!
I think he's in shock!It's bugging out!
Who's laughing now?Where's your red nose, hm?
What does the pond smell like?Whew! This guy's ripe!
I'm not horsin' around!What a noble steed, indeed!
All hail the king! For I am the fish king!All hail the new king! ME!
So small, so very bitter!But it's pretty sweet to me!

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