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Doctor(s)TV Series
Eleanor O'Hara, Fitch 'Coop' Cooper
Doc (aka Doc Adams)
Rex Van de Kamp, Orson Hodge
Jill Brock, Carter Pike
Mark Sloan, Amanda Bentley
Cliff Huxtable
Andy Brown, Linda Abbott, Jake Hartman
Mike Quinn
Rudy Wells
Seth Hazlitt
Abbey Bartlet, Stanley Keyworth
Joel Fleischman, Phil Capra
Niles Crane, Mel Karnofsky
Charley Michaels, Normon Solomon, Amos Weatherby
John McIntyre, Gonzo Gates
Jennifer Melfi
Dick Richard
Benjamin Canfield, Jack McGuire, David Howser
Steven Kiley
Alfred Bellows
Derek Shepherd, Cristina Yang
Hiram Baker
Doctor(s)TV Series
Lu Delgado, Dana Stowe, Andy Campbell
Doug Ross, Kerry Weaver
Hank Lawson
Harry Weston
Donald Westphall, Mark Craig, Victor Ehrlich
Dr. Bombay
Joe Gannon, Paul Lochner
Christian Troy, Sean McNamara
JD Dorian, Elliott Reid, Perry Cox
Temperance Brennan, Jack Hodgins
Charles Kroger, Neven Bell
Syd Hansen, Jim Hansen, Helen Reynolds
Richard Kimble
Aaron Shutt, Billy Kronk, Jeffrey Geiger
Nick Riviera, Marvin Monroe
Alan Quartermaine, Scott Baldwin, Noah Drake
Addison Montgomery, Peter Wilder
Kelly Brackett, Joe Early
Michael Mancini, Kimberley Shaw
James Wilson, Lisa Cuddy
Charles Winchester, Henry Blake
Bob Hartley, Jerry Robinson

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