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Can you name the famous Americans according to their nickname?

Updated Mar 8, 2012

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NicknameAmerican figureLife dates
The Trust Buster1858-1919
Father of the Constitution1751-1836
Old Sink or Swim1735-1826
Old Rough and Ready1784-1850
Old Blood and Guts1885-1945
The Velvet Fog1925-1999
Lady Lindy1897-1937
The First Lady of Song1917-1996
The Sultan Of Swat1895-1948
The Great Commoner1860-1925
The Brown Bomber1914-1981
The Great Compromiser1777-1852
The King of Hollywood1901-1960
The Belle of Amherst1830-1886
Father of Texas1793-1836
The Little Magician1782-1862
The Greatest Showman on Earth1810-1891
First Lady of Cinema1907-2003
Angel of the Battlefield1821-1912
NicknameAmerican figureLife dates
The Sage of Monticello1743-1826
First Lady of the American Theatre1900-1993
The People's Tycoon1863-1947
Old Hickory1767-1845
Lady Day1915-1959
Ol' Blue Eyes1915-1998
The Father of the Atomic Bomb1904-1967
The Great Emancipator1809-1865
Father of His Country1732-1799
The Little Giant1813-1861
Good Gray Poet1819-1892
The Great Nullificator1782-1850
The Moses of Her People1820-1913
Tail-Gunner Joe1908-1957
The Wizard of Menlo Park1847-1931
Father of the American Revolution1722-1803
Old Tippecanoe1773-1841
The Kingfish1893-1935
King of the Wild Frontier1786-1836
The Lone Eagle1902-1974
Buffalo Bill1846-1917

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