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Mike Connors stars in this 1967-1975 series about a hard-nosed private detective
This family resided at 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Police drama that featured three young, hip crime fighters. One White, One Black, One Blonde
Everywhere Jessica Fletcher goes, a dead body turns up
Jerry Van Dyke sitcom about a reincarnated auto
AMC Advertising world drama set in the 1960s
Lottery ticket winner makes amends for past discrepancies
Rock Hudson & Susan Saint James NBC mystery series
Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd as private detectives in this 1980s romantic drama
Hawaiian detective who worked for Robin Masters. Or was it really Higgins?
This NBC Sunday A.M. news program is the longest running series in US TV history
Long running highbrow PBS drama anthology
Candice Bergen sitcom which drew the ire of VP Dan Quayle
Featured Lou Grant, Rhoda and Ted Baxter
'The Andy Griffith Show' after Andy and Opie left town
1969-1976 hospital drama starring Chad Everett & James Daley
Soapy drama about the lives of Amanda, Alison, Billy, Jane, Jake and crazy Kimberly
Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan before they were Golden Girls
Live-action children's show featuring color costumed teens fighting evil witch Rita Repulsa
The tales of a hapless Chicago shoe salesman and his family
FOX series about a boy genius, his bothers, their domineering mom and detatched dad
Allison DuBois is a seer who assists the Phoenix District Attorney in solving crimes
1970s comedy soap starring Louise Lasser, Louise Lasser
Long running PBS Children's series where it was always 'A beautiful day'
Andy Griffith's 2nd most famous television role, a defense attorney from Atlanta
1985-1992 Action series about a super resourceful secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation
1966-1973 spy drama starring Peter Graves, Greg Morris & Barbara Bain
Micky, Michael, Peter & Davy form a Beatles-like pop band
The Korean War lasted a really really long time for the men & women of the 4077th
36 year old Vicki Lawrence portrayed 65 year old Thelma Harper when this show debuted in 1985
Long running 1950s sitcom also known as 'The Danny Thomas Shpw'
Robin Williams is from another planet; Pam Dawber is from Boulder, Colorado
Animated adventures of a near-sighted old man
1980s crime drama about ultra-cool cops Crockett & Tubbs
Teen angst drama starring Claire Danes
Damon Wayans / Tisha Campbell-Martin family sitcom
1960s sitcom about a talking horse
Disney series that help launch the career of Annette Funicello in the 50s and Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera in the 90s
Sitcom about an L.A. newspaper reporter (Bill Bixby) harboring an illegal alien (Ray Walston)
An obsessive-compulsive detective solves murders for the San Francisco P.D. while driving everyone crazy
2009 ABC sitcom starring Patricia Heaton
Paul Reiser loves Helen Hunt
Fred MacMurray sitcom about a widower raising his boys
A janitor and robots watch & heckle bad B-movies

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