World of Warcraft - Northrend Locations

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Main FeaturesThe LocationSecondary Features
Home of the Oracles and WolvarHemet Nesingwary's Crashsite
Home to JoustingDark and requires and lance and horse (or other mount) to get through.
Ulduar is the far northsnowy, large mountains, tall peaks, very stormy. That says it all
Scouge rules hereThis place was taken over by the scrouge, minions of the Lich King
Home to Warsong Hold and Valiance KeepColdarra in North-west corner
Perpetual BattlegroundReally this is a battleground that you fly to
Home to the DragonsWrymwrest Keep and different colored Dragonshires are here
Home to the large citySeriously this whole place revolves around the large floating city in the center
As the name implies, there a grizzle bearsGrizzlemaw, a giant tree, is here
Large fjord cutting uo to middleUtgarde Keep is here
Floating city'City of Mages'
Very little, really it's an island of the north coast of the second answerIt's a Landing, thats half your answer

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