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Tigerstar's sonFirestar's third apprentice
Banished by BluestarNew Shadowclan leader
Almost died from eating deathberriesDaughter of Willowpelt
Son of BluestarRiverclan deputy
Left Thunderclan with help of Firestar and GraystripeClaimed to see Tigerstar kill Redtail
Shadowclan medicine catReceived the Prophecy that Tigerclaw should be the new Shadowclan leader
Former kittypetGraystripe's best freind
Chased out Windclan with his clanShadowclan leader
Morningflower's kitOnewhisker's apprentice
Killed TigerstarLeader of Bloodclan
Killed by dog packLongtail's apprentice
She gets her leg crippled on the thunderpathYellowfang's apprenice
Banished by FirestarTried to kill Sorrelkit
Killed by ClawfaceThunderclan medicine cat
Windclan deputyDidn't talk much to firestar and Graystripe
Died from an awful sicknessNever received nine lives
Graystripe's mateSaved Graystripe from drowning
She used to dislike FirestarApprentice to Whitestorm
She died fighting a dogThunderclan leader before Firestar
Cloudtail's motherFirestar's sister

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