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Punk band X-Ray ____
Slang for vomit
Boil meat and vegetables slowly
Minor Threat's 'Out of ____'
Conclude; halt
Malcolm McLaren had one called Sex
Magazine's '____ By Both Sides'
Narrow opening
Ari Up was one
Move quickly
Not sharp or natural
Punk band Black ____
Get something for free
Comic book sound effect
Makes crotchets into quavers
Punk subgenre D-____
Attached to your legs
Give sustenance
An action, or a legal document
Punk band ____ Kennedys
Signed one with a major label? Sell-out!
A computer manufacturer
Occupy the whole of
Mark E Smith's band
Cut down a tree
Punk singer Richard
Carnegie or Royal Albert
Pull or drag
The Clash's Mr. Simonon
Cloth used to cover a coffin
Not tanned
Cover a path
Sex Pistols' 'God ____ the Queen'
Female knight
Can frontman Mr. Suzuki
Tape sent to a label
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are....?
Male opera star
Digital TV service
Another name for Linden tea
Descendants' ____ Goes to College
Where grain might be held
Soft fabric from caterpillars
Dr. Feelgood's '___ & Alcohol'
Furry mammal
Wire's ____ Flag
The Clash's Mr. Jones
The burning part of a candle
Flirtatious eye gesture
Fermented grapes
Punk band with Chairs Missing
The Gun Club's ____ of Love
Cost of a train journey
Iranian province
Glass containers
What MC5 kicked out

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