Harry Potter Random Facts (Books)

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Can you name the Harry Potter Random Facts (Books)?

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Who is the main charcter?
Who turned Dumbledore's army into Umbridge?
Which vault at gringotts contained the philosophers stone?
Who killed 'Moaning Myrtle'?
What was Lee Joardan's nickname on Potterwatch?
How many times was 'Nearly headless Nick' axed in the neck?
Who was the care of magical creatures teacher in book 1?
Which ex-teacher does harry see when he visits arthur at st mungo's?
What is 'Mad-eye' Moody's catchphrase?
Who dropped a ton-tongue toffee so that dudley would eat it?
What was the name of the man that overheard voldemort in the Riddle House?
How much did Arthur Weasley win in the dailey prophet grand prize draw?
What fruit do you have to tickle to gain entrance to the kitchens?

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