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A friend of Socrates secures a ship to help him escape. However, Socrates refuses and engages this eponymous friend in a conversation concerning the nature of justice.
During a drinking party, several Athenian philosophers raise a discussion about the meaning of love with each having to give a speech on love.
This dialogue concerns the meeting of two philosophers of the Eleatic School, one of which is Zeno. It presents arguments against the Theory of Forms.
Socrates defines justice and discusses the ideal city-state, to be a ruled by a 'Philosopher-King'. It contains the allegory of the cave.
Through three speeches, this dialogue discusses love and the art of rhetoric.
Socrates defends himself in front of an Athenian jury from accusations leveled against him by Anytus, Meletus, and Lycon.
On the day before his death, Socrates discusses the nature of the afterlife with his friends. He lays out four reasons why the soul is immortal.
Plato creates a new Theory of Forms following criticism made in an earlier dialogue. It acts as a sequel to Theaetetus.
Socrates and the eponymus character discuss the meaning of virtue. Socrates also coaxes 'innate knowledge' out of a slave.
Socrates talks to a man, a supposed religious expert, about the nature of Piety.

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