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Which city is home to the Sorrowful Men?
Who is commonly known as the Red Viper?
What is the nickname of Eddison Tollett?
Which knight of the Vale was slain by Gregor Clegane during a joust?
What is the only city of the Dothraki people?
Who became Queen in the North after marrying Robb Stark?
Who serves as Grand Maester during Robert's reign?
What is the name of the sword that belonged to Joffrey before being thrown into a river by Arya?
Who does Eddard Stark claim is Jon Snow's mother?
Which archipelago is ruled by House Greyjoy?
Who is the father of Tywin and Kevan?
What is the name of the bay adjacent to King's Landing?
Who was the boy run down by Sandor Clegane after Joffrey's attack?
Who is the father of Brandon, Eddard, Lyanna, and Benjen?
What is Jaime Lannister's infamous nickname?
What enigmatic group does Jaqen H'ghar belong to?
Who was slain alongside Robar Royce by the Knight of Flowers after Renly's death?
Who is the blacksmith unaware that he is King Robert's bastard?
What is the Mad King's first name?
Where does Jalabhar Xho come from?
What is the name of Arya's direwolf?
What is the name given to the person Samwell says cannot go south of the Wall?

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