Weird Al Yankovic Songs Replaced by Sporcle

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Can you name the Weird Al Yankovic Songs Replaced by Sporcle?

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The Night Sporcle Went Crazy, The night Saint Nick went insane!
Like a Sporcle, Cuttin' for the very first time.
On Sporcle! Tell me why I bought that alf alarm clock.
We don't fight we all play nice livin' in a Sporcle Paradise.
Don't Sporcle this song! Go and by the CD like you that you should!
I lost on Sporcle baby Ohhhh Ohh Ohh.!
Dare to be Sporcle!
LyricsCorrect Lyric
Yeaaah Yeeaaah Yeaah! It's a party in the Sporcle
Don't wanna be a Sporcle Idiot!
It's Sporcle at ground zero! And the missles are on their way!
Y-O-D-A Sporcle!
Another Sporcle rides the bus! And another comes on! And another comes on.
Oh Sporcle just wanna have lunch!

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