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Can you name the the words containing the letters 'x' (without J,K and N)?

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ClueWordContaining letters
______ the Great (9)xa
Vaccinium vitis-idaea (8)xb
Go beyond (6)xc
C16H33 (8)xd
Photocopier (5)xe
A famous university (6)xf
Digitalis (8)xg
South African language (5)xh
Unpleasant emotion (7)xi
In a complex manner (9)xl
A kind of sheep of Devon or a kind of pony (6)xm
Second book of the Old Testament (6)xo
ClueWordContaining letters
A detriment or sacrifice (7)xp
Extremely beautiful (9)xq
Second highest ray of all the electromagnetic spectrums (4)xr
To cut (6)xs
An Emmy winning TV series (6)xt
Expensive thing (6)xu
Seventeen (4)xv
A wax model of a person by actual size xw
A movie starring Vin Diesel (3)xx
A musical instrument with a row of wood pieces (9)xy
Trade name for a drug (7)xz

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