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Can you name the 15 answers of these question and become a Sporcle millionaire?

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 $100 Christmas Day (Holiday)
 $200 Boy Baby Names (Miscellaneous)
 $300 Video Game Franchises (Gaming)
 $500 Beatles Songs (Music)
 $1,000 CSI: Miami (Television)
 $2,000 The Academy Awards (Movies)
 $4,000 Bahá'í Faith (Religion)
 $8,000 Sporcle (Just for Fun)
 $16,000 Word Origins (Language)
 $32,000 The Grand Slam (Sports)
 $64,000 Dr. Seuss (Literature)
 $125,000 Atomic Bombs (History)
 $250,000 Melting Points of Elements (Science)
 $500,000 Comics (Entertainment)
 $1,000,000 Kyrgyzstan (Geography)

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