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Everyday word (Cryptic)AnswerObscure rhyme word (Classic)
Soup spoilt while listening opera.Old timber measurement
Two Manchurians hiding in a female's house.Currency of Iran before the year when Amelia Earhart flew over the Atlantic Ocean.
Cycle wheel?To draw in the parts of the body
Organisms lieing on the street crushing by the force of 1,000 kg.The middle Sioux located in Dakota.
We hear balls beside the bay.Enzyme gene
Maybe crush again with that violet-colored crusherThe hindquarters or the rump of a horse.
Doctor reins the mermaid to stop destroying the hospital.A triangular ordinary formed by two lines from the edge of the shield meeting at the fess point at 45 degrees
Ancient god gets pandemonium.The inner most chamber of the Greek temple
Everyday word (Cryptic)AnswerObscure rhyme word (Classic)
'Why there are no planets that have the same conditions as Earth? It's rare though.' Xenotime element said so. Free will.
Hard-working alien is in the bathroom.A round hole or circle with which an opening for an arrow slit terminates.
An augural engineer suggest someone to eat some herb.Spiral tufted bryozoa is one, which is often found from the coast of Maine to Carolina
Blocked by a thin, sloppy programming language on my computer.A musical synthesizer.
One-eighth of a gallon of some argon-less dye.What a milkmaid would say to let a cow move?
Chelsea is in another room!Silurus glanis catfish
Fruit color recognized by an outrageous onager.Hill in Monmouthshire, Wales
A doctor replaced my odd livers to a pair of new gray one.A female lamb; An ewe.

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