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QuotesAnswer1D Member
I like girls who have a taste in _______Louis
Vas ________Zayn
I'm from _______!Niall
I am quite handy with a _____ Harry
I used to be afraid of ______!Liam
NO! Jimmy ________!Louis
If I was a food I would be a ________ ____Liam
I like girls who are cute and have a good ___________Niall
QuotesAnswer1D Member
I can play the ________Zayn
SHE'S ____!Louis
GET OUT OF MY _______!!Harry
I would bathe in _____ _____Liam
Don't listen to him. He is talking sh*t. I am the ____ ____Niall
I used to be a bit of a virgin with a knife, but now I'd call my self _ ___Louis
I would be HARRY!!! Cus I would like to have _____ ____Louis

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