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Can you name the best 'Survivor' contestants by state?

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AlabamaWinner, likes to write letters
ArizonaFinished 7th, one of an alliance of four
ArkansasWinner, likes to kill rats
CaliforniaWinner, there are six, name at least one
ColoradoFinished 6th, there are two - one has a disability, the other is lesbian
ConnecticutFinished 3rd, was a fighter pilot
DelawareFinished 10th or 11th, there was a tie for second place on her season
FloridaFinished 2nd, name one of two, the first was on the Villains tribe, the second wanted to prove she's better than her husband
GeorgiaFinished 4th, was not voted out
IdahoFinished 2nd, accused by 'the Silent One' of doing nothing
IllinoisFinished 4th, name one of two, the first likes to burn things, the second is very smart
IndianaFinished 4th, is a pirate
IowaWinner, is a sex therapist
KansasWinner, can tell the difference between athlete and landscaper
KentuckyFinished 5th, he is from Kentucky, do you need any more clues?
LouisianaFinished 2nd, writes things Jeff doesn't understand
MaineWinner, is excited by vegetables
MarylandFinished 11th or 12th (because of a tie for second spot), is not better than Jeff's wife
MassachusettsWinner, name one of two, their significant others are also Sole Survivors
MichiganFinished joint 2nd, returned after a long time
MinnesotaThere are two: one finished 15th or 16th (because of a draw for second spot), the other finished 15. The first never went to Tribal Council, the second was fooled by Russell Hantz
MississippiFinished 4th, I'm sure you remember her! Lex does
MissouriFinished 2nd, name one of two: on the first you can put a dress and take out to dinner, the second claims to be a killer of mythical lizards
MontanaFinished 2nd, and before that, she finished 3rd
NebraskaFinished 9th, healed himself with another contestant's urine
NevadaFinished 2nd, is a rat, according to another contestant
New HampshireFinished 3rd, was pagonged on her first season, and did some pagonging on her second
New JerseyWinner, speaks the llama language
New YorkWinner, name one of two, one is considered the most likeable, the other speaks Russian
North CarolinaFinished 2nd, name one of two, one reached an all-african-american finale, the other reached an all-male finale
OhioWinner, likes hammocks
OklahomaFinished 3rd, limped her way to the final three
OregonWinner, first African-American to win a reality show
PennsylvaniaWinner, name one of two, hint: Massachusetts
Rhode IslandWinner, no more hints
South CarolinaFinished 3rd, there are two: one is afraid of everything, the other has the same name as an English football club
South DakotaFinished 4th, don't leave shoes around her
TennesseeWinner, not the first one, though
TexasWinner, has two namesakes on season three
UtahWinner, name one of two, the first one shut him up, the second voted himself out once
VermontFinished 3rd, returned for All-Stars
VirginiaFinished 3rd, name one of two - the first likes people not in a homosexual way, the second is like a girl
WashingtonWinner, not just a winner
WisconsinFinished 3rd, likes to smile evilly
Washington D.C.Winner, greatest Survivor nerd

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