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causing uncontrolled cell growth
MPF activates ____ the ubiquitin conjugation enzyme
Adaptor protein between GEF and Tyrosine kinase receptor
Anaphase: sister chromatids ___, cell ___
Ubiquinated proteins are degraded by ___
Prometaphase: ___ breaks, ___- at opposite polesm , ____ around centromeres
MPF phosphorylates ___ to destroy nuclear envelope
__ is permanent gap
MPF consists of ___ and ____
scope extends beyond initial tumor
normal gene whose product does not cause cancer; but whe mutated will cause cancer
loss of differentiation
Telophase: ____ appears
HPV _____ cancer does not cause it
p53 transcribes for __- a cdk inhibitor
Prophase: DNA is ____, ____ disappears
p21 prevents ___ but starts timer for ___
movement of cells to surrounding tissues
harmless and limited in scope
Metaphase: the metaphase ___
Tells RAS to hydrolyze GTP
Monomeric G protein: one we have to know
Receptor Tyrosine kinases when ___ bind, will ___ all tyrosines
Activation of ____ which will go into the nucleus to phosphorylate transcription factors
movement beyoond original tumor with transit through blood stream
gene whose product impedes uncontrolled cell growth
Tells RAS to swap GDP for GTp
bottom of foot warts
M phase is ___ and ____
APC ubiquinates _____ for sister chromatids, and ____ at the end
Tyrosine kinase receptors when activated will ___-
S phase is when ____ occurs
CDk phosphorylates ___ to uninhibit ____

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