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p21 prevents ___ but starts timer for ___
Tyrosine kinase receptors when activated will ___-
APC ubiquinates _____ for sister chromatids, and ____ at the end
Prophase: DNA is ____, ____ disappears
Tells RAS to hydrolyze GTP
Anaphase: sister chromatids ___, cell ___
causing uncontrolled cell growth
movement of cells to surrounding tissues
Activation of ____ which will go into the nucleus to phosphorylate transcription factors
S phase is when ____ occurs
normal gene whose product does not cause cancer; but whe mutated will cause cancer
Telophase: ____ appears
Receptor Tyrosine kinases when ___ bind, will ___ all tyrosines
bottom of foot warts
Prometaphase: ___ breaks, ___- at opposite polesm , ____ around centromeres
gene whose product impedes uncontrolled cell growth
Tells RAS to swap GDP for GTp
__ is permanent gap
p53 transcribes for __- a cdk inhibitor
CDk phosphorylates ___ to uninhibit ____
loss of differentiation
scope extends beyond initial tumor
harmless and limited in scope
MPF activates ____ the ubiquitin conjugation enzyme
Adaptor protein between GEF and Tyrosine kinase receptor
MPF phosphorylates ___ to destroy nuclear envelope
Ubiquinated proteins are degraded by ___
movement beyoond original tumor with transit through blood stream
MPF consists of ___ and ____
HPV _____ cancer does not cause it
M phase is ___ and ____
Metaphase: the metaphase ___
Monomeric G protein: one we have to know

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