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Can you name the tributes by the methods of their death in the Arena?

Updated Dec 18, 2014

Forced Order
Death MethodCharacter
Throat slit by Gloss
Killed by an avalanche
Temporarily killed by force field; Finnick revived
Arrow in the temple by Katniss
Killed by the acidic mist
Mauled by Muttations, eventually shot by Katniss
Killed by Peeta, method unknown
Killed by Cato, method unknown
Speared in the ribs by Marvel
Death MethodCharacter
Poisoned by nightlock
Killed by Brutus, method unknown
Arrow in the throat by Katniss
Skull crushed by Thresh
Pecked to death by muttation birds
Axe in the chest by Johanna
Ran into the forcefield
Attacked by monkey muttations, jumped in front of Peeta to save him
Killed by Tracker Jackers dropped by Katniss

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