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belt- ______a reduction of expenses
bite the ______to make a difficult or painful decision; to take a difficult step
bitter pill to ______bad news; something unpleasant to accept
brownie ______credit for doing a good deed
cash ______a product, service, or business division that generates a lot of cash for the company
climb the corporate ______advance in one's career
crunch _____a short period when there's high pressure to achieve a result
dog-eat-dog ______a cruel and aggressive world in which people just look out for themselves
time to face the ______to admit that there's a problem
fast track a ______to make a project a high priority
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have a lot on one's ______to have a lot to do
jump the ______to start doing something too soon or ahead of everybody else
keep one's eye on the ______to stay focused on the end result
keep something under ______to keep something secret
nothing ventured, nothing ______If you don't try to do something, you'll never succeed
pull one's own ______to do one's share of the work
pull the ______to put a stop to a project or initiative
rally the ______to motivate others
work down to the ______to work until the last minute
work out the ______to solve the problems with

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