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Can you name the Doctor Who (new series) episodes by the last line before the opening credits?

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Forced Order
Pre-Credits LineEpisode
'That's me. Completely human.'
'Your wish is my command. But be careful what you wish for.'
'Yo ho ho! Or does nobody actually say that?'
'Hello, I'm the Doctor. Happy Easter!'
'No, I'm sorry, did he say he was going to change what it means to be human?'
'Funny, how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine.'
'Okay, kid. This is where it gets complicated.'
'Space. 1969.'
'I say, what are you doing with that lead piping? ...That's impossible!'
'You have got to be kidding.'
'Inform all staff. We have a new destination. Set sail for Great Britain.'
'Follow that ship!'
'Have a nice day.'
'May God forgive me.'
'Someone's collecting aliens. That makes you exhibit A.'
'In fact, I'd go so far as to say that what this country really needs, right now, is a doctor.'
'Now, are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we'll begin.'
'Hold on tight. This is going to be a tricky one.'
'Soon, at the hour of woven words, we shall rise again, and this fleeting earth will perish!'
'Well then, time to roll out the secret weapon.'
'Oh, lighten up. It's not like anyone was hurt.'
'Would you like me to repeat the question?'
'You've been gone a whole year. Sorry.'
'Hello, dad.'

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