Birds: Odd One Out!

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Can you name the bird which does not belong in the given order?

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Birdsa, b or cOrder
a) Northern Goshawk b) Eurasian Hobby c) Martial EagleAccipitriformes
a) Magpie Goose b) Mallard c) Australian PelicanAnseriformes
a) Purple Needletail b) Sunbittern c) Ruby-throated HummingbirdApodiformes
a) Large-tailed Nightjar b) Northern Potoo c) Crested TreeswiftCaprimulgiformes
a) Kiwi b) Southern Cassowary c) EmuCasuariiformes
a) Royal Albatross b) Pacific Gull c) RazorbillCharadriiformes
a) Sandgrouse b) Zebra Dove c) Rock Pigeon Columbiformes
a) Amazon Kingfisher b) Red-headed Barbet c) Common HoopoeCoraciiformes
a) Guinea Turaco b) Asian Keol c) HoatzinCuculiformes
a) Turkey Vulture b) Peregrine Falcon c) Greater KestrelFalconiformes
a) Turkey b) Grey Partridge c) Mute SwanGalliformes
a) Sandhill Crane b) Asian Openbill Stork c) Red-legged CrakeGruiformes
a) Blue-crowned Motmot b) Bearded Reedling c) Pale-billed Flowerpecker Passeriformes
a) Brown Pelican b) Comb-crested Jaçana c) Royal SpoonbillPelecaniformes
a) Antpitta b) Rufous-tailed Jacamar c) Black WoodpeckerPiciformes
a) Christmas Shearwaters b) Short-tailed Albatross c) Eastern Great EgretProcellariiformes
a) Palm Cockatoo b) Hyacinth Macaw c) Keel-billed ToucanPsittaciformes
a) Blue-footed Booby b) Greater Crested Tern c) Lesser FrigatebirdSuliformes
a) Darwin's Nothura b) Barred Tinamou c) Worcester's ButtonquailTinamiformes
a) Red-headed Trogon b) American Rhea c) Resplendent QuetzalTrogoniformes

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