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Can you name the baseball players who have played for at least 10 MLB teams in the modern era (1901-2010)?

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TeamsPlayerPos, Years
Oak, NYY, Tor, Sea, Bal, LAD, _CHC_, StL, Cin, Min, Tex, AriSP, 1978-2002
Mon, Bos, _Oak_, CHC, Mil, Pit, KC, Tex, Det, Tor, Phi, SDOF/1B, 1992-2010
_Sea_, SD, Mil, Cle, Cin, Col, Hou, Pit, Fla, NYY, StL, WasRP, 1995-2009
Det, Hou, Fla, Atl, Mil, _CHC_, LAD, KC, Bal, Cin, PhiC, 1998-2009
_SF_, StL, Tex, CHW, Mil, Col, Ari, Was, Cin, Tor, BosSS, 1991-2007
Hou, _Cle_, Atl, CHW, SF, Pit, CHC, NYY, Phi, LAD, TexCF, 1991-2007
SF, _Phi_, NYY, Sea, CHC, Atl, Pit, LAD, Cle, Min, AriSP, 1986-2006
_Cle_, SF, Col, CHC, Fla, Pit, StL, Bos, Mil, Atl, WasRP, 1993-2009
_Pit_, TB, NYM, Col, StL, CHW, Hou, Cle, Cin, Phi, SeaRP, 1994-2007
_StL_, CHC, Phi, Bal, LAD, Fla, Tex, NYM, Col, NYY, Mon3B/1B/C, 1989-2004
TeamsPlayerPos, Years
_Bos_, Mil, Phi, Pit, NYY, CHW, Cal, Min, LAD, KCSP, 1967-1981
Atl, Phi, NYM, Mon, Cin, Hou, Bos, _Bal_, Tex, KCSP, 1998-2010
_LAD_, NYM, CHW, Sea, Hou, Oak, CHC, Bal, Cal, KCLF, 1959-1976
Cle, Atl, Ari, SF, CHW, SD, _Bos_, NYY, Oak, ColRP, 1992-2009
_CHW_, SF, TB, KC, Atl, Phi, NYM, Pit, Cle, LADRP, 1991-2007
_Cin_, Min, Det, Oak, Col, SD, Sea, StL, Ari, BosSP, 1994-2006
_Pit_, Det, SD, Fla, Col, Tex, Col, Cle, NYY, Hou, TBRP, 1993-2006
StL, NYM, _LAD_, Min, Cle, CHW, CHC, SD, Pit, DetRP, 1957-1974
LAD, _Cin_, Col, Tex, Pit, Ari, KC, SD, Min, StLRP, 1997-2010

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