King of the Hill: Dale Gribble

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Can you name the the many aspects of Dale Gribble's life?

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What is Dale's Job?'Dale's Dead Bug'
What is the name of Dale's beloved wife?Peggy's good friend
Who is, what he believes to be his son?Bobby's best friend
What color shirt does he normally wear?
What color is his 'work' suit?
What vehicle does he lose to his son in poker?
How does he sabotage Hank's fabulous lawn?Has to do with his profession
Who did his wife cheat on him with?Also his son's real father
What is the strange name of his gay father?He is also in the rodeo
What is his favorite brand of cigarettes?Named after Canadian province
Due to his paranoia, what is his fake identity?Uses this name for everything, even ording pizza
What is his favorite brand of beer?Named after significant Texan event
What was his role on the high school football team?

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