Plautus and Terence Plays

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Can you name the titles of Plautus' and Terence's plays?

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Mortal husband of Alcmena 
The Donkeys 
Pot of gold 
A double love story 
Prisoners of war and no women 
Father-son conflict 
The chest 
The Weevil 
Trusty slave helps his master in love twice 
Twins with the same name 
The merchant 
The braggart soldier Pyrgopolynices 
The Haunted Hause 
The Persian 
The Carthaginian 
The archetypal clever slave 
The rope 
A man tries to divorce his daughters from absent husbands 
The spendthrift (three coins) 
The tricky courtesan 
The satchel 
The brothers Aeschinus and Ctesiphon 
The girl from Andros 
The eunuch 
The self-tormentor 
The mother-in-law 
The parasite helps his cousins find love 

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