Children of Greek Gods

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Can you name the children of these Greek gods by their parents?

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Zeus + HeraGod of War
Zeus + HeraSmith God
Zeus + HeraGoddess of Youth
Zeus + HeraGoddess of Childbirth
Zeus + DemeterDaughter abducted by Hades
Zeus + ThemisNature-Hora of Growth
Zeus + ThemisNature-Hora of Ripening
Zeus + ThemisNature-Hora of Blooming
Zeus + ThemisLaw-Hora of Justice
Zeus + ThemisLaw-Hora of Peace
Zeus + ThemisLaw-Hora of Order
Zeus + ThemisWeaving Fate
Zeus + ThemisMeasuring Fate
Zeus + ThemisCutting Fate
Zeus + MetisSprung from his head
Zeus + MaiaMessenger God
Zeus + DioneGoddess of Love (according to Homer)
Zeus + LetoGod of Sun and Music
Zeus + LetoGoddess of the Hunt
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Epic
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Love Poetry
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Lyric Poetry
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Sacred Hymns
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Tragedy
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Comedy
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Dance
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of History
Zeus + MnemosyneMuse of Astronomy
Zeus + SemeleBurned her to death with his brilliance
Zeus + Rhea/DemeterOrphic Version
Zeus + PersephoneOrphic Version
Zeus + IoFounded Memphis
Zeus + EuropaCretan King and Underworld Judge
Zeus + EuropaJudge of the Underworld
Zeus + EuropaNot Judge (Forever alone)
Zeus + AeginaForm of fire
Zeus + AntiopeForm of satyr (musical son)
Zeus + AntiopeForm of satyr (strong son)
Zeus + LedaForm of swan (boxing son)
Zeus + LedaForm of swan (most beautiful woman)
Zeus + NemesisWhen not Leda + Tyndareus (horseman son)
Zeus + NemesisWhen not Leda + Tyndareus (treacherous wife)
Zeus + DanaëForm of golden shower
Zeus + AlcmenaForm of Amphitryon
Poseidon + AmphitriteOften blew a conch
Poseidon + IphimedeiaGiant twin
Poseidon + IphimedeiaGiant twin
Poseidon + MedusaWinged horse
Poseidon + MedusaGolden giant or winged boar
Poseidon + AethraSlayer of the minotaur
Poseidon + DemeterForm of horse with horse offspring
Poseidon + DemeterNo one knows her real name...
Apollo + CoronisGod of Healing
Apollo + CalliopeRenowned musician
Apollo + CalliopeMusic tutor of Heracles
Apollo + ChioneWaited until nightfall
Hermes + ChioneCouldn't wait
Hermes + TheobuleFamous charioteer
Hermes + HerseKilled his wife while hunting
Hermes + AphroditeBecame mixed gender
Aphrodite + AnchisesFounder of Roman race
Aphrodite + AresHad a fateful necklace
Ares + AgraulusRaped by Halirrhothius
Demeter + IasionGod of Wealth
Demeter + IasionBecame constellation Boötes
Hephaestus + Athena/Mother EarthHalf-serpent
Hephaestus + MedusaStole Heracles' stolen cattle
Hephaestus + MedusaRagged on her brother

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